Read what my clients have said about their experiences.

“Penny guided me through three beautiful, transformative ancestral healing sessions. Throughout these sessions, I learned that I do indeed have enough time, and it is okay for me to be kinder to myself and listen to my own needs. Letting go of black and white thinking, which was buried deep, has been freeing for me. I am laughing more – laughing so much I have spewed water from my mouth not once but twice (first time I have ever laughed so hard in my life). I have more compassion for myself and my family. I also made a beautiful correlation to my grandfather constantly clearing his throat when I was younger to my own lack of communication. These three sessions have been incredibly freeing for me, and I am so encouraged by the immediate results I am receiving. Thank you, Penny.”

Kayla, USA

“I experienced an immense profoundness during the sessions with Penny. She facilitated reconciliation with my ancestors, healed broken bits and pieces of my ancestral line and unfroze difficult moments in my past. Healing is a never ending process, through which we reinvent ourselves. Penny always creates a secure, supporting and welcoming environment in which healing happens. She is a very open and supporting person.”

Tina, Japan

“What do my ancestors have to do with me? I was curious, and inspired, to do the Ancestral Resolution series with Penny as a way to explore my family lineage. Her tools were a set of tuning forks and a photo of me surrounded by Euphoralite stones. Through the forks and her intentional attention she connected with various planes of information. Penny is a gifted and intuitive guide and as the sessions progressed I found myself at times laughing, and sometimes crying, as I listened to the stories unfold. Letting go, forgiveness and gratitude, those beautiful teachers, rippled backward and forward in time. A heart-opening and transformative experience.”

Jacquie, USA

“A session with Penny is like no other! The way she weaves ancestral messages into past events and current patterning is absolutely incredible. Do yourself a favor and schedule a session with her!”

Taylor, USA

“The experience is remarkable for what disappears over time. It was the realization that mental blocks and reactions that had prevented me from moving forward were not present anymore. This allowed me to move forward in my life in a new direction that I had wanted to pursue but had been blocked for years, perhaps my whole life actually.”

Ron, USA

“I had been actively involved in my own personal journey of healing my ancestral traumas and felt confident that most of the healing work had been completed until I met Penny. The deep healing and release that resulted from it was life changing. It was truly a gift to myself and my and my ancestors to have experienced Penny’s healing and I am forever grateful that our paths crossed. For anyone who is guided to her work, trust this guidance, as her gifts of healing are truly remarkable.”

Tiffany, USA

“Penny is a gifted practitioner. Penny’s work with ancestral repatterning is well known. I’ve benefited from regular sessions with her since 2020. Her positive outlook, her infectious enthusiasm for life and her curiosity all have contributed to some remarkabl deep and powerful sessions. My work with Penny has certainly promoted my own health and wellbeing, as well as my development in my own practice.”

Sarah G, USA

“I am feeling great! More confidence and I feel a deep warmth and connection I’ve not been able to sustain before.  To be clear, it’s a deep warmth and feeling of connection to a side of my family I’ve struggled with in the past.  A wound has been healed in a beautiful and unexpected way.” 

Julene, Mexico

“Penny’s acute intuition and deep listening create an atmosphere that allows for many levels of transformation. Nurturing and inspirational, her sessions fill me with a sense of magic, wonder, and discovery. Her clairvoyant aptitude is a gift that I am continually in awe of, and I am so grateful that she is sharing her talents with the world. Thank you Penny!”

Jen, Vermont

“Penny’s incredible gift with ancestral healing is exactly what the world needs right now. If you’re someone who has been wrestling with a difficult aspect of your life for a long time, or wishes to break a family pattern, or feels called to go deeper into the collective healing of past and future, this is exactly the work for you. Penny, I am profoundly grateful-thank you!”

Beth, Oregon

“Working with Penny for the Ancestral Resolution Series was so illuminating! She created a beautiful container to hold the sessions in that felt very safe and filled with unlimited possibilities. Her intuition and gentle guidance were such a gift and the shifts, that continue to happen, have been profound. I highly recommend this series to anyone who feels called to find more spaciousness, joy and light in their life!”

Elizabeth, USA

“The transformation I’ve received from working with Penny is beyond words, but I’ll try to convey here.  Penny is fabulous!!  It’s not just her immense skills that have helped, but her entire personality. She is so open and loving! She makes you feel like you are the most important person in the world!  Her work with me is showing me how I can love. It’s clearing all the stuff that was keeping me from loving myself and loving other people. This is where living a full and joyful life starts!”

Susan Wright, USA