Sound and Stone: Bringing them together

Essential Sessions

Hello and welcome. You have already come so far, let’s keep going. The efficacy of this work is immeasurable, in short order many people experience:

‣ Strength in their communication
‣ Deeper and richer relationships
‣ A direction filled passion for life
‣ Feeling lighter, brighter and grounded
‣ The profound results are truly unlimited

Together we will bring about a deep sensing transformative experience. My methods fuse Euphoralite stone wisdom with tuning fork sound medicine. Throughout the sessions I share information from my many clairvoyant channels. This makes for metaphor rich, expressive, interactive sessions. I look forward to sharing this time of discovery with you.

Essential Sessions

Care for the integral balance of your body as a whole.
Boost the resilience of your energy field boundary.
Explore 4 essential components of your energetic field by:

‣ Sensing for dissonance
‣ Bringing dissonance into resonance
‣ Entraining and liberating dormant, innate potential
‣ Create an energetic space for the body to re-balance and harmonize

I am looking forward to sharing this fun, profound work with you. We can meet in person in Driggs, Idaho or remotely from anywhere in the world.

$120 Per Session
$333 Package of Three

Payment plans are available.

Have questions? Email me and let’s get them answered.