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Ancestral Resolution

Hello, what a beautiful opportunity you have found to better connect with and understand your ancestors. You’ve come this far…let’s keep going.

Along with all the benefits of an Essential session this three part interactive series incorporates reflective worksheet exercises, ancestral relationship prayers, and beautiful Euphoralite stone protocols which serve to fortify, guide and harmonize your experience.

Together we will recognize patterns and generational loyalties as we do a deep dive into the energetic boundary of your energy field.

As we proceed through the sessions, one way I receive ‘clairvoyant’ information is through pictures, which I share through out the sessions. Within the second session especially; that of resolution; the information presents like a running movie. Colors, images, conversations, smells and feelings are all conveyed throughout the  90 minute session. If you like we can audio record this session for your further reflection.

Ancestral Resolution Series

The Ancestral Resolution Series will:

‣ Fortify your body as a whole system
‣ Bring resolution to interruptive generational patterns
‣ Give you lifelong tools to help detect, resolve and release patterns that were handed down to you
‣ Provide answers to “why am I…”
‣ Harmonize your innate potential with ancestral wisdom
‣ Bring in light where it may be dark

Each session is unique and surprising in what they hold and what you will experience.
Some common descriptors of what people feel or notice are:

‣ Peacefulness
‣ Feeling very connected and grounded
‣ Varying emotions
‣ Sense of feeling revitalized
‣ Deep personal realizations

These sessions are profound and quite detailed. Upon booking your series you will receive an electronic information package of worksheets, ancestral prayers and answers to common questions. These questions are also answered under the About page here on the website.

I am looking forward to sharing time with you.

Payment plans are available. Have questions? Let’s connect and share this journey.