Hi, I’m Penny Murray.

I am the founder of Resilient Balance, and your personal Integrative Ancestral Guide. Following is just a bit about me and how I arrived in this moment, celebrating and sharing what I do.

In the past five years my thought processes have gone from:

‣ “What am I doing with my life?”
‣ “How do I move forward with purpose?”
‣ “What do I have to offer?”

To way more exciting, motivating thoughts and realizations like:

‣ “I do have a lot to offer!”
‣ “I do have a purpose and path of service.”

And two of my favorite ever present ponderings:

‣ “What will we create together today?”
‣ “What will we find?”

I have never in my 51 years felt so fulfilled, helpful, and connected with family and the whole human race. A community is building, and you are welcome here. I am forever grateful for the ancestral connection I was guided to and continue to nurture and encourage ancestral relationships.

The full history of how I arrived to doing this work is a podcast for another day. For now, I will offer up a morsel.

Apparently, although rich and life enhancing, my sound balancing sessions were meant to be more. When this particular piece of the puzzle revealed itself and I heeded the message, my whole practice changed.

During a few of my essential sessions I would occasionally ‘receive a message.’ along the lines of “There’s more. Go out there.” Meaning go to the outside of the person’s energy field. So in this particular instance, I did. And I stayed there with sound and remained curious and open. Low and behold a plethora of information flooded in from her ancestors. Curious enough, the majority of the information was in sync to the patterns and laments my client had expressed. We both experienced a sense of great celebration, and ever since then I’ve been going back for more.

From that day forward I have felt driven to share this sacred work with people honoring the experiences, wisdom and messages from our ancestors. Hence the Ancestral Resolution Series was created.

I enjoy working with people like you. You are curious about understanding your potential. You’re passionate about life and your experiences as well as finding a deeper, peaceful understanding of relationships and emotional inheritance. As a client you are presented a window that transforms what may seem to be a ‘curse’ or ‘fault’ to a compassionate gift of understanding and resolve. Making you an agent of change for the past, present and future.

I find this work has re-installed all my birthday and wish-upon-a-star wishes for world peace-always and forever I have wished for this. With every person who chooses to do ancestral resolution work, our approach to peace quickens and expands to hundreds if not thousands of people. Absolutely phenomenal.

I am grateful for you and all that you do. Stay well and true.