Hello, and Welcome!

 My name is Penny Murray, I live within the healing medicine wheel of the Grand Tetons, in Tetonia, Idaho.  The constant energy transfer from the Grand Tetons spans as far west as Mt. Shasta.  I mention this because the energetic medicine is always beneath my feet, flowing in my water, and in the air I breathe. Thus, flowing within my home and in my practice, infinitely cycling.

Daily living on this land demands me to integrate my whole self-awareness; mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.   It’s invigorating, humorous, and dissolving all at once sometimes, yet always full of Benevolent Love and Kindness.

My days are full of family, sharing my work, friends, outdoor activities, cooking, and regular intervals of deep learning and integration.

I find this journey of life continually brings us to places we never knew we were seeking. Along with the journey comes dense, open opportunities for self-discovery and greater connectivity to Light.  It is from learning how to embrace these opportunities that our innate gifts emerge and alchemize with our daily presence.  I am honored to continually witness these beneficial discoveries and transmutations within myself and within the people I work with worldwide.

My practice is full of unique paths and transformative healing experiences for those who are seeking to experience their Soul evolution.

I am honored to be sharing time and space here with you during this beautiful experience and time here on Earth.

Best of the Best,

Penny Lee Davis Murray

My Service To You

  • Continually develop and share my channeling and intuitive gifts from a trustworthy and integral place
  • Be a witness to your conscience, transformative healing
  • Share the Love and celebrate it all


  • Akashic Records Certified Practitioner
  • Reiki II
  • Biofield Tuning International Practitioner 
  • Biofield Tuning Instructor
  • PSI  Leadership Graduate

My Remote Services

  • Akashic Records Readings (Book of Life)
  • Ancestral Resolution Healing Series
  • Specialized Biofield Tuning Sessions
  • Brilliant Adrenal Cleanse Series

Current Studies

  • End of Life Doula  (Death Doula)
  • Care Consultant