Essential Sessions

Why do I need an Essential Session?

Essential sessions serve many purposes:

‣ They are an excellent introduction to energy balancing work through sound

‣ They complement work with other modalities, including work with the Vagus nerve, and Limbic system

‣ They are a great self care choice to maintain your energetic balance and resilience

What will an Essential Session do for me?

An Essential Session will bring balance to your midline and strengthen your energetic field as a whole. Your nervous system will align on many levels and aid in a more robust immune system, better sleep, healthy boundaries, positive self talk…and so much more.

What do I need to do?

For remote sessions you simply need a quiet space to lie down or sit. Many people like headphones.

How do I receive a remote session?

Remote sessions are done over the phone. If you are overseas What’s App or Facebook Messenger are best. Zoom works but the quality of the sound is best through What’s App.

Why do you recommend three sessions?

Clients have found that three sessions really instill a notable, compound effect. The body is given a full chance to recognize coherence with the sound, while integrating the shifts that have been made in the field. A steady re-alignment of your innate potential that has been brought back to center takes place.

Are in person sessions available?

Yes, my office is located in Driggs, Idaho. Please feel free to email me.