Ancestral Resolution Series

How will I benefit from the Ancestral Resolution Series?

Although each client and their relations benefit in a myriad of individual ways, here are some of the most common benefits:

‣ Freeing yourself from inherited patterns – emotional, mental, and sometimes physical
‣ Being a better communicator and feeling safe about it
‣ Gain a deeper understanding and compassion for self and family members
‣ Experience increased motivation to set and attain goals
‣ Feelings of belonging and creating a legacy
‣ Move forward in balance with how much you give and how much you receive
‣ Organized, congruent thought patterns within Mind and Heart
‣ Attract people and opportunities that nourish your innate self

Why is this the perfect time?

This is the time of beautiful discovery and finding contentment. Our ancestors are always trying to get our attention. You are in a lovely transformation phase, and those that have passed over hold a treasure trove of enlightenment for you. The sooner you engage the more thoroughly you can understand and enjoy yourself on a whole new level. You will be of service to more people in this lifetime in ways you could have never dreamed possible. You hold the potential to create and leave behind a glorious legacy for all those who come after you, direct relatives and the whole of humanity.

Do I need to know who my ancestors are?

No, it’s neat if you do but no names or any information is needed.

How long are the sessions?

The sessions are experienced as such:

Session 1: Fortification 1 hour
Session 2: Resolution 90 minutes (recorded if you like)
Session 3: Harmonize 1 hour

I do find there is a bit of conversation on either end of the sessions, it is nice if you can allow a window of an additional 10-15 minutes, but if not that is perfectly fine as well.

In addition, there are three worksheets to complete, one for each session. The timing on their completion is up to you. The more you feel in deeply to your answers, the more you take away from the sessions.

How do I receive a session remotely?

All you need is a phone, nothing special. If you are overseas What’s App or Facebook Messenger are needed. Zoom can work but the sound is much better through What’s app.

What do I need to do to prepare?

You will receive three packets of information, one prior to each session. They each require a bit of time to complete the worksheets, and is best to have completed prior to the following scheduled session.

These are phenomenal, profound sessions. It is wonderful to set up your sessions with some time allowance for integration and reflection directly after the session.

For a remote session it is necessary to have a quiet space to be comfortable in, either lying down or sitting.

Many people like to use headphones.

A notebook or binder to record answers to the worksheets and your reflections.

I need one photograph of you for your Euphoralite Stone arrangements to surround, this can be sent via text or email. A regular selfie is adequate.

Are sessions available in person?

Yes, my office is located in Driggs, Idaho. Feel free to email me.