Bridging the gap between the density of the
Human experience and
Your unique, multi- dimensional self

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Clear Ancestral Patterns and Live a Life You LOVE

I help people define themselves by clearing ancestral patterns to live a life in alignment with their internal power and heart calling.

My Ancestral Resolution Process and Brilliant Adrenal Cleanse reveal your innate truths. Thus, providing you with a platform to live your healing by creating a self you love, expressed through a life full of passion.

This solid platform of SELF sets you leaps and bounds ahead in today’s world with communications, relationships, abundance and trust.

Over the last 7 years, I have worked with people in person and remotely around the globe. Today I work with people who are ready to live their healing, being agents of change for their lineage in its entirety.

Communicate with Confidence

We are here to be seen and heard!

Revel in your unique expression and feel graceful and good about it.

Improve Relationships

Healthy boundaries are GOOD!

Regain balance with yourself, and all relationships. Love yourself more and surround yourself with people who nourish your happiness.

Give to the Future by Honoring your Ancestors

Experience the gift!

Recognize discordant generational and cultural patterns and unlock the true meaning and wisdom behind ancestral messages to be passed down for generations to come.

Let’s Get Started


Essential Sessions

New to energy field exploration? Begin here.

‣ Nourish your intelligent boundaries

‣ Balance your system as a whole

‣ Maintain the health of your energetic self

Ancestral Resolution Series

Let’s go to a new level of self.

‣ Honor your ancestors wisdom

‣ Discover a new level of innate potential

‣ Resolve unfavorable generational patterns

Penny’s Brilliant Adrenal Cleanse

Explore the treasure trove of information.

‣ Clear many energetic imprints

‣ Vital to your well-being

‣ “I felt joyful and alive.”