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Is That Pattern Yours?

Hi, I am Penny Murray and I am thrilled that you have found this work. It absolutely fascinates me to observe the amount of energetic information that we continually take in and process. This invisible information imprints on our physical, mental and emotional self and impacts the wellness of our lives.

These ancestral patterns cause residual impacts which are handed down generationally. For reasons we can’t put our finger on we may experience:

‣Communication issues
‣Unfounded loneliness, sadness, or fear
‣Feeling incomplete, searching for purpose
‣Perplexing relationship dynamics

The list of our life’s puzzles goes on. The patterns are endless and deeply engrained. They simply just keep showing up over and over and we keep acting them out. Perhaps thinking, “Something about me needs to be “fixed.” “What am I doing wrong?” There’s nothing broken, you are not ‘doing’ anything wrong. You are magnificent. It’s an ancestral pattern that is needing to be resolved at its root development. That’s why it keeps showing up. This is a common way the ancestors communicate to get our attention. They are seeking your help, and you can be the agent of change.

During your ancestral journey we will reveal and resolve the roots of your pattern(s) that are not serving you in your highest potential. You will experience an alignment with your innate self, and your roots. You will understand deeply these patterns of the past and move forward with understanding for your ancestors and wisdom to share with your descendents. A new found resilience will emerge as you move forward expanding your happiness.

Communicate with Confidence

We are here to be seen and heard!

Revel in your unique expression and feel graceful and good about it.

Improve Relationships

Healthy boundaries are GOOD!

Regain balance with yourself, and all relationships. Love yourself more and surround yourself with people who nourish your happiness.

Give to the Future by Honoring your Ancestors

Experience the gift!

Recognize discordant generational and cultural patterns and unlock the true meaning and wisdom behind ancestral messages to be passed down for generations to come.

Let’s Get Started


Essential Sessions

New to energy field exploration? Begin here.

‣ Nourish your intelligent boundaries

‣ Balance your system as a whole

‣ Maintain the health of your energetic self

Ancestral Resolution Series

Let’s go to a new level of self.

‣ Honor your ancestors wisdom

‣ Discover a new level of innate potential

‣ Resolve unfavorable generational patterns


Thoughts from my clients.

‣ “A session with Penny is like no other!”

‣ “Has been freeing for me.”

‣ “A heart-opening and transformative experience.”

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